The Master’s program in Global Health has started!

by Maria Stuifbergen 28 August 2015

Monday 17 August 2015 was the start of a new and unique Master’s Programme in Public Health, specialization in Global Health at the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. Out of 500 applicants we welcomed 26 students, representing 9 nations from Canada, Ghana, Nepal, Uganda, India, Finland, China, Slovakia and Norway.

The Master Programme provides a theoretical base on health and health systems, focusing on methodology and training in different research methods. Our uniqueness is the emphasis in innovation and technological support and services in global health.
One of the strengths of the class is their broad variety in educational backgrounds, representing Bachelor degrees in areas like Health Science, Nursing, Midwife, Public Health, Technological fields and others.

Tine Camilla Norderhaug, Pushpanjali Shakya and Prince Oppong-Darko have just had their second lecture, and are confident that this Master’s study will teach them useful skills they are eager to use to improve public health.

Global Health students Prince Oppong-Darko, Pushpanjali  Shakya and  Stine Camilla Norderhaug,

Global Health students Prince Oppong-Darko, Pushpanjali Shakya and Stine Camilla Norderhaug,

The three students are good examples of the wide variety of backgrounds. Prince, from Ghana, has a BA in Public Health and had a position as Information Officer in the Ghana Health Service. Pushpanjali has a background as an Intensie Care Unit (ICU) nurse and nurse educator in patient education and staff development induction program. Tine Camilla has a Bachelor degree from the Norwegian University of Sports Science in Oslo, and has worked as a Red Cross Youth Delegate in Lesotho.

They share a common goal: to improve public health where it is needed most. For Pushpanjali, this translates into a wish to help the prevention of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease in her home country. Prince envisions the implementation of more user-based technology in the health care system which will make help available for more people and overcome travel distances. Tine is not sure yet what her final focus will be, but is confident that she will find it in the course of the study.

They are looking forward to learning about research methods, statistics, public health and innovation in health and many other topics, as they are sure these will give them the necessary tools to improve health services where it is most needed.

All three mention the international student environment both at NTNU as a whole and the Master’s program in particular as a reason for choosing NTNU. The atmosphere sure feels good with such a variety of people, backgrounds, and expertise to be exchanged!

2015 Students in the Master Program Public Health - Global Health

2015 Students in the Master Program Public Health – Global Health

Elisabeth Darj is Professor in Global Health at NTNU and the head of the Programme Board. Darj has built this Master Programme over the last two years, and she is very enthusiastic to see the new students at our campus.
“This student group is such a nice mix from various countries and backgrounds and they seem to get along well together directly from the start, as they have a common interest in this education. During the coming two years the students will get knowledge and skills of how to approach the global burden of ill-health, with different research methods, collaboration and insights in the complexity of health systems and policies. This program is unique, as one of the courses ‘Innovation in Global Health’ focus on how to use new technology to improve health care. And they will hopefully have a lot of fun, meeting new friends and enjoy Trondheim and Norway.”

We believe these students will be at the forefront of what the Faculty of Medicine stands for: “Health for a better world!

Happy Students in Master Program Global Health

Happy Students in Master Program Global Health!

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