Master students arrive at the Faculty of Medicine

by @NTNUhealth 28 August 2013

Blogger: Ragna Tingstad HusbyRagna Tingstad Husby

On Monday the 19th of August, the Faculty of Medicine welcomed the new master students, including also exchange students taking master’s courses.

Masteroppstart Bilyd synger

Bilyd, the choir of female medical students, started the show with songs and were followed by the master of ceremonies, Vice-dean of Education Hilde Grimstad.

Stig Slørdahl

Dean Stig Slørdahl welcomed the students and presented the university, the faculty and some its various research groups.

Tore Romundstad, head of the Section of Student and Academic Affairs, introduced the students to the student advisers they are likely to meet at their time at the Faculty of Medicine

Student program representative for master students, Heidi Kleven and faculty trust representative Jarle Møller encouraged the new students to get involved with the various activities and groups at the university and to help shape the Faculty by joining in the student democracy.

The student organisation for master students at the Faculty of Medicine, SOMA, invited the students to join in for the Buddy Week to get to know their classmates and the other master programmes.

Bilyd then finished the show with “Come on Eileen” before the students were served lunch.

To all our new master’s and exchange students:


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