Use your smart phone to find your way around at campus Øya

by Hanne Strypet 7 August 2014
Foto: Hanne Strypet

MazeMap guide you around at the university hospital.

How do you find your way to the right clinic at a big hospital with lots of buildings, floors and wings? At St. Olavs Hospital and NTNU’s campus Øya in Trondheim, MazeMap is a useful aid to guide your way around the campus.

MazeMap has indoor maps for the University Hospital’s campus at Øya. You can find it in two versions: an app for smart phones and a webpage. Now the map is improved with live updates of the map while you walk and other solutions that makes it easier to use.

mazrmap for St. Olavs HosptialMazeMap helps patients, visitors, students and employees find their way to the correct building, floor and room. In MazeMap you search for the place you want to go, and the app shows you the path from where you are standing to your destined location.It’s also possible to search for seminar rooms,the nearest toilet or cafeteria.

MazeMap is a Norwegian company, and Cisco is their solution partner. Here you can read their customer case study about us.

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