Translating Latour back to the laboratory

by @NTNUhealth 16 May 2014
Laboratory, CEMIR. Photo: Geir Mogen / NTNU

Photo: Geir Mogen / NTNU

Science in general, and molecular medicine specifically, has profound impact on our modern societies. Investments in science are also investments in what technology we are interested in obtaining, and in what knowledge we have about the world. Scientific choices are intrinsically political, but in the modern society science is withdrawn from normal criticism.

In a new article in the philosophy journal Agora, Kristian K. Starheim  uses works of sociologist Bruno Latour to investigate how science can be made better equipped to meet the complex problems of a global modern society, if it is better rooted in society.


Starheim, K.K. Molekylær medisin som uttalt hybrid aktivitet – Å omsetje Latour tilbake til laboratoriet. Agora 03-04/2013

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