A game about ultrasound

by Hanne Strypet 10 July 2014

Finally, our game about ultrasound has come in an English version.

The game Can U hear the U-sound takes you to the research laboratory, the hospital and out to sea! In this game, one of your missions is to guess what the ultrasound pictures are showing. Is it a heart or a fetus? Or maybe a fish?

jakten på ultralydbølgene

Screen shots from the Norwegian version of the game

The game also takes you out to sea in a fishing boat, where you can try to catch as many fish as possible with the help of an eco sounder. In another part of the game, you play a dolphin using sound waves to see if there is a fish to eat or a shark to avoid ahead of you.

Can U hear the U-sound can be downloaded for free from AppStore and GooglePlay.


Developing ultrasound technology at NTNU

Since the 1970s, doctors from St. Olavs Hospital and engineers from NTNU have collaborated closely on ultrasound research and in developing ultrasound equipment for medical use. Doppler Ultrasound was developed at NTNU in 1976, and today this technology is in use in ultrasound equipment all over the world. The research group at NTNU is still going strong. Here you can read more about the research today.


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