The exercise pill, are we ready for it?

by @NTNUhelse 4 February 2015

Jose Bianco MoreiraBlogger: Jose Bianco Moreria,
Post doctor at K. G. Jebsen – Senter for hjertetrening (CERG)

Every once in while we talk here about this magic medicine. What about a drug to make your muscles stronger, your heart healthier, power-up metabolism, reduce body weight, improve blood flow in your brain and manh other benefits? Isn’t it great?

Although many people would say yes, we commonly meet many that are against that idea for a number of reasons. For example, it’s well known that physical activity levels have decreased dramatically in the past 100 years in almost all countries, so it’s been thought that a drug to ”copy” exercise would be just one more reason NOT to go out for a work out. And how about elite sports? Doping is an increasing problem in the field, so another pill to enhance performance could lead to more abuse of such substances. Or perhaps more improtant: if exercising promotes so many benefits for health, would the world really need an expensive drug that does (part of) the same thing?

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