Nine new SFIs opened at NTNU and SINTEF

by Hanne Strypet 21 September 2015

The Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions for health care, maritime, and oil & gas (CIUS) is one of the nine new Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) at NTNU and Sintef. Friday 18 September the new SFI-leaders got their certificate from Arvid Hallén, the Director General at The Research Council of Norway.

Asta Håberg and Arvid Hallen

Asta Håberg receives her certificate from Arvid Hallen. (Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU).

“Without the support from¬†The Research Council of Norway it would be hard to develop the technology we know we are able to to,” H√•berg said.

The research areas of CIUS will be within health care, maritime industry and oil and gas industry.

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The nine new SFI-leaders. (Photo: Thor Nielsen).

Asta Håberg

NRK interviews Asta Håberg (photo: Thor Nielsen)


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