Nine new SFIs opened at NTNU and SINTEF

by Hanne Strypet 21 September 2015

The Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions for health care, maritime, and oil & gas (CIUS) is one of the nine new Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) at NTNU and Sintef. Friday 18 September the new SFI-leaders got their certificate from Arvid Hallén, the Director General at The Research Council of Norway.

Asta Håberg and Arvid Hallen

Asta Håberg receives her certificate from Arvid Hallen. (Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU).

“Without the support from The Research Council of Norway it would be hard to develop the technology we know we are able to to,” Håberg said.

The research areas of CIUS will be within health care, maritime industry and oil and gas industry.

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The nine new SFI-leaders. (Photo: Thor Nielsen).

Asta Håberg

NRK interviews Asta Håberg (photo: Thor Nielsen)


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