Menno Witter elected board member of Norwegian Health Association’s Dementia Research Program

by @NTNUhelse 8 May 2014

The Norwegian Health Association announced the board of it’s Dementia Research Programlogo of Norwegian Health Association’s Dementia Research Program  today.

Former Minister of education Tora Aasland is to head the board, and Menno Witter from the Kavli Institute for Systems neuroscience is one of the four elected board members.

The board will allocate research funding, work towards a broader international cooperation and stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation within dementia research. The funding for the program was obtained by way of last year’s television action that focused on the increase of awareness for dementia in Norway.

Menno Witter heads the functional neuroanatomy group at the Institute and part of his research aims to discover fundamental changes that occur in the brain,causing Alzheimer’s Disease. This research is currently funded by the combined program of NTNU/St. Olav and the regional health authority in Trøndelag


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