Funding for Alzheimer’s disease research from Olav Thon Foundation

by @NTNUhealth 15 January 2016
Menno Witter and Clifford Kentros.

Menno Witter and Clifford Kentros.

The Olav Thon foundation announced today that Menno Witter will receive 10 million NOK for a collaborative project with Cliff Kentros, also at the Kavli Institue at NTNU, and Gunnar Gouras at Lund University and Heikki Tanila at the University of Eastern Finland.

The project ‘Interactions between reelin and amyloid in the entorhinal cortex – A possible initiator of Alzheimer’s disease’, is based on a new concept on one of the possible early stages of the disease, suggesting that the interactions between reelin and amyloid will eventually lead to neuron loss.

According to the Olav Thon Foundation’s evaluation, the hypothesis is original and innovative.


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