Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research opens 10.June

by @NTNUhealth 4 June 2013

SFFThe official opening of NTNU’s four new Norwegian Centres of Excellence (SFFs) takes place on Monday 10. June. CEMIR is one of these centres, and to celebrate, the theme of the month here at #NTNUMedicine is inflammation.

At CEMIR, we will study new mechanisms which activate inflammation responses. We hope to gain knowledge that could point us in the direction of new methods for treatment and diagnosis of diseases where inflammation plays an active part.

You can read more about CEMIR here.

In addition to CEMIR, the Faculty of Medicine is proud to host another Norwegian Centre of Excellence that will open on 10. June – the Centre for Neural Computation (CNC). We will of course post stories from this centre as well.

So stay tuned in to #NTNUMedicine!

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