Can a sugar treat atherosclerosis?

Infographics showing cholesterol crystals and macrophage

Blogger: Siril S. Bakke, PhD/Post doc, Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR) Cardiovascular disease resulting from atherosclerosis is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. Our new study reveals molecular mechanisms behind how a cyclic sugar reduces inflammation on the surface of cholesterol crystals. Inflammation and the activation…

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Tuberculosis – a complex enigma

Pic 1

Blogger: Jane Atesoh Awuh, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (SFF-CEMIR). Most often we become passionate and involved in issues in this life for very personal reasons. I am particularly drawn to infectious diseases because I hail from a society that is plagued…

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Mapping the antiviral innate immune defense system

Experimental set-up

Blogger: Richard Kumaran Kandasamy Associate Professor and Onsager Fellow at Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (SFF-CEMIR) Our innate immune system is the first and most important barrier of microbial threats such as viruses and bacteria.  It will sense, and in most cases, clear out these pathogens – but not always. A new…

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New insight in the development of immunity to parasitic worms

Trichuris worms

By Menno Oudhoff, Researcher, Centre of Molecular Inflammation Reseach (CEMIR)     The gastrointestinal tract is a common site for infection by a variety of pathogens. Helminth infections continue to be major causes of disease worldwide, and are a significant burden on health care systems. For example, gut-dwelling parasitic worms…

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Successful international conference on molecular inflammation in Trondheim


May 30th – June 2nd CEMIR organized an international conference on mechanisms of molecular inflammation. The venue was Kunnskapssenteret at NTNU/ St. Olavs Hospital. 200 delegates from 20 different countries participated and made this conference an important arena to foster further innovative research on molecular mechanisms and regulation of inflammation.…

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Richard Kandasamy receives Onsager Fellowship

The 12 Onsager Fellowship holders with Rector Gunnar Bovim. Photo: Morten Thoresen / NTNU

Associate Professor Richard Kumaran Kandasamy at the Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research has received an Onsager Fellowship at NTNU. The Onsager Fellowship Programme is designed to recruit young, internationally recognized researchers to strengthen the university’s academic community.

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CEMIR Annual Report 2015


CEMIR has released its 2015 Annual Report. The scientific activities at CEMIR have proceeded with very good progress. In 2015, 77 papers have been published. CEMIR researchers have published a total of 144 articles since 2013, several in high quality journals like Journal of Immunology, Nature, Nature Immunology, Autophagy and…

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Unveiling connections between preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease

Pregnant belly isolated against white background

Women with preeclampsia have up to eight times higher risk of later developing cardiovascular disease. CEMIR’s research group on Inflammation and Genetics in Pregnancy studies how the development of preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease are connected. The group has recently unveiled inflammatory mechanisms in the placenta and identified an important role…

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