Can we prevent dementia?

Hearing loss, smoking, depression, social isolation and obisity are some of the causes for dementia [2]

 Blogger: Ekaterina Zotcheva, PhD Candidate, Department of Public Health and Nursing In 2015, approximately 47 million people worldwide were living with dementia. As populations across the globe age, this number is predicted to almost triple by 2050 [1]. Dementia is one of the most burdensome conditions among older people worldwide,…

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Copenhagen next!


We’re off to Copenhagen! You can meet us at the Science in The City festival from tomorrow until Thursday 26. July. This is what we are doing there: On Saturday at 17:00 our researcher Garrett Newton Andersen will demonstrate a hand-held ultrasound machine (Vscan) on stage:  

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On EU: Forget the framework – look to the horizon!

fokus istock

Blogger: Boukje Ehlen Working as an EU-advisor for the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU, I read this article in Universitetsavisa with great interest. (…) last week The Faculty of Medicine submitted a record-breaking 14 EU-proposals, so it can’t be all bad. Unfortunately, this article builds on the negative experience of researchers with…

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Does daycare cause stress in small children?


Blogger:May Britt Drugli       Research from several different countries has shown that spending time in child daycare institutions may cause increased levels of stress in small children. In Norway 80 percent of 1-year-olds attend daycare. We know nothing about their stress levels. In the international studies the children’s…

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How important is parent involvement in school?

Ilustrasjon: Mann som hjelper sønnen med leksene

Blogger: Bente Kirkhaug       Parental involvement in their children’s education is one of the strongest predictors of children’s school success and has a powerful influence on the children’s achievement and adjustment. As part of my PhD project at the Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and…

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Theme of the month: Back to school and kindergarten

In August, Norwegian children start kindergarten and school after the summer holiday. This is an exciting time for many families. Some have a toddler in the family going to kindergarten for the first time, while others may have a kid starting in a new class with new classmates. “Back to…

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