Blood flow secrets in small hearts

Ultrasound images of trtralogy of fallot.

Using a new ultrasound technique, we have been able to visualize and measure how efficiently blood flows through the heart chambers in young children with congenital heart disease. We studied 37 children aged two weeks to 10 years, and among the 26 children, which had congenital heart disease, we found less efficient hearts, meaning they use more energy than a normal heart.

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Infants, music and physiotherapy


Blogger: Lars Adde, Paediatric physiotherapist and researcher, NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital A unique collaboration between a paediatric physiotherapist and a music research provides hope for sick newborsn. Physiotherapists, doctors, music researchers and mathematicians at NTNU, St. Olavs Hospital and the University of Oslo have recently launched a fruitful, interdisciplinary project.…

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Newborns are not tiny adults


Blogger: Eva Brekke One of the mantras from our training in paediatrics was that “children are not small adults”. By this they meant to remind us that we cannot make a direct transfer of what we know about diagnostics and treatment of adults to children, and assume it will be…

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Can computer games help memory skills?


Blogger: Kristine Hermansen Grunewaldt Preterm children often have a reduced working memory capacity, which makes it more difficult to learn new things and overcome everyday challenges. But what if playin gcomputer games could improve their working memory? Our research group at NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital decided to explore whether…

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Does daycare cause stress in small children?


Blogger:May Britt Drugli       Research from several different countries has shown that spending time in child daycare institutions may cause increased levels of stress in small children. In Norway 80 percent of 1-year-olds attend daycare. We know nothing about their stress levels. In the international studies the children’s…

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How important is parent involvement in school?

Ilustrasjon: Mann som hjelper sønnen med leksene

Blogger: Bente Kirkhaug       Parental involvement in their children’s education is one of the strongest predictors of children’s school success and has a powerful influence on the children’s achievement and adjustment. As part of my PhD project at the Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and…

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