We don’t know enough about abuse in residental care

gammel dame

Blogger: Wenche Malmedal, Associate Professor at Department of Public Health and Nursing  Elder abuse can take many forms and can be describes as physical, psychological, financial, sexual or neglect. According to The World Health Organization, at least 3-5% of the population 65+ are exposed to one or more types of…

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Starmus – On a mission to create awareness


Blogger: Ann-Katrin Stensdotter, Professor at Dept. of Neuromedicine and Movement Science When did time start and where does the universe end? Those were the kind of questions I would, as a child, pester my mother with. I was also greatly concerned with life on the planet. Did you know that if you…

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I am the herd

green card for vaccination

Blogger: Signe Åsberg, PhD student at CEMIR   In December last year an outbreak of measles started when a family that was not vaccinated visited Disneyland California. I’m currently a visiting graduate student here in Los Angeles and I’d planned to go to Disneyland to get some of that Christmas…

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What I love about my job

Signe Åsberg

Blogger: Signe Åsberg PhD student at CEMIR This blog post was originally posted on Åsberg’s science blog Furby in the lab.    Let me give you a list of all the aspects of my job as a PhD student that I love. It really is a great ride but also…

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Technology for a better world?


Blogger: Elisabeth Darj professor in Global Health   Last week, the conference Appropriate Health Technology for Low Resource Settings, was held in London. Access to healthcare through technology, development and research was discussed. How to promote health in rural areas, where no doctors, few health workers and no appropriate equipment…

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Future health leaders

Stig Arild Slørdahl

Blogger: Stig A. Slørdahl Dean at The Faculty og Medicine, NTNU   Last week, the four medical faculties organised a leadership summer school. This was a pilot project to explore whether it can work as a supplement to the teaching we provide for all our students. It was also an…

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The Integrated University Hospital improves patient care

Fra venstre: Kunnskapssenteret, Chun-Mei Zhao, Gøran T. Andersen (i bakgrunn), Duan Chen nederst til høyre

Blogger: Bjørn Gustafsson Dean of Research, The Faculty of Medicine, NTNU Last week one of our research groups, led by Professor Duan Chen, published a comprehensive scientific study showing promising results in treating gastric cancer, by blocking the tumor nerve supply. The article was published in the prestigious journal Science…

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Applied Human Physiology in Extreme Environments

The course participants gets to experience field testing of immersion suits

Blogger: Andreas Møllerløkken       The NTNU Barophysiology Group aims to promote safety and minimize the acute and long-term harmful effects of diving and other extreme environmental exposures. Our work covers the topics of both basic and applied research. Through a translational approach, we study animal models to provide…

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Barbara McClintock and today’s women in academia

X chromosome (Illustration: iStock)

Blogger: Signe Åsberg         In connection with the International Women’s Day last Saturday, PhD candidate Signe Åsberg has taken a look at women in science – how far we’ve come over the last century, but also how far we have left to go. In the 1920’s Barbara…

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