Fusion makes a difference – also in the prostate!

vevsbit og MR

Bloggers:  Ailin Falkmo Hansen (PhD candidate) and May-Britt Tessem (Research Scientist), MR Cancer group   Movember is around with a “trøndersk” spirit on Facebook, Instagram, and the city is filled with mustaches in different shapes and varieties. The goal is increased awareness of men’s health and prostate cancer – a disease we in the…

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How to outsmart a prostate cancer cell


Blogger: Siver Moestue, Associate Professor MR Cancer Group, Department of circulation and medical imaging, NTNU     Cancer cells are notoriously difficult to deal with – partly because they have the ability to dodge the bullets we aim at them. They are inherently resistant to a lot of hostile conditions…

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Furry and fit: get moving this Movember!

MR Cancer-gruppen i treningstøy og barter.

Bloggers: Researcher Debbie Hill og PhD Candidate Leslie Euceda Wood MR Cancer group, Department for ciruclation and medical imaging       It’s that time of year again! And this year, the Movember Foundation is challenging YOU to move every day this month to tackle physical inactivity. In keeping with the Movember spirit,…

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To treat or not to treat? The role of PET/MRI in prostate cancer

PET-MR-skanneren ved NTNU og St. Olavs Hospital (foto: Geir Mogen)

Blog by: Mattijs Elschot Postdoctoral Fellow at MR Cancer Group Some prostate cancer patients need radical surgery to survive, whereas others can do without any form of treatment. The urologist determines to which group a patient belongs. Researchers at NTNU/St. Olavs Hospital investigate whether a PET/MRI scan can help making…

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Your moustache makes a difference


Blogger: Siver Moestue         During last years “Movember” – an annual month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer – the Movember Foundation and associated charities raised 839 million NOK worldwide. As a result, the Norwegian Cancer Society…

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NOK 14 million for more personalised prostate cancer treatment


Blogger: Tone Frost Bathen       The MR Cancer Group has a close collaboration with the clinical environments at the Department of Urology and Clinic for Medical Imaging at St. Olavs Hospital. The long-term goals of the projects are to optimise and personalise the diagnostics and treatment of prostate…

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MR and MRS give better prostate cancer diagnosis

MR resultater fra prostatakreft.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in Norway, but so far the clinical diagnostic tools have not been able to say much about where in the prostate gland the cancer is, or its aggressiveness in individual patients. A new method developed at the MR Centre…

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Closer to an understanding of prostate cancer

Prostate biopsies.

A new method for gathering tissue samples from patients having undergone prostate cancer surgery is giving researchers better tools for understanding the mechanisms behind the disease, which affects more than 4000 Norwegian men annually. With time, it could lead to better diagnosis and more targeted treatment. “Today there is no…

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