Breast cancer – and the pursuit of Super survivors

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Bloger: Maria Ryssdal Kraby, PhD-Candidate, Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine Breast cancer survival is high. However, many cancer survivors experience long-term side effects from treatment which impact their quality of life. For this reason, the Breast Cancer Subtypes Project studies a group of women we call Super survivors. They are…

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We don’t know enough about abuse in residental care

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Blogger: Wenche Malmedal, Associate Professor at Department of Public Health and Nursing  Elder abuse can take many forms and can be describes as physical, psychological, financial, sexual or neglect. According to The World Health Organization, at least 3-5% of the population 65+ are exposed to one or more types of…

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Can we prevent dementia?

Hearing loss, smoking, depression, social isolation and obisity are some of the causes for dementia [2]

 Blogger: Ekaterina Zotcheva, PhD Candidate, Department of Public Health and Nursing In 2015, approximately 47 million people worldwide were living with dementia. As populations across the globe age, this number is predicted to almost triple by 2050 [1]. Dementia is one of the most burdensome conditions among older people worldwide,…

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Technology for a better world?


Blogger: Elisabeth Darj professor in Global Health   Last week, the conference Appropriate Health Technology for Low Resource Settings, was held in London. Access to healthcare through technology, development and research was discussed. How to promote health in rural areas, where no doctors, few health workers and no appropriate equipment…

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Training in qualitative research methods in Nepal


Blogger: Jennifer Infanti Photos: Jennifer Infanti & Elisabeth Darj (NTNU), Chandra Yogal (Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital)     Elisabeth Darj and I arrived under blue skies at Tribhuvan International Airport on Monday morning, March 24th, 2014. Elisabeth negotiated a price and a verbal guarantee of “safe driving” with a local…

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