Newborns are not tiny adults


Blogger: Eva Brekke One of the mantras from our training in paediatrics was that “children are not small adults”. By this they meant to remind us that we cannot make a direct transfer of what we know about diagnostics and treatment of adults to children, and assume it will be…

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From different angles

Stillbilde From different angles

Survival is for many brain tumours related to how much of the tumour is removed during surgery. The methods and technology developed in Trondheim facilitates more complete resection of brain tumours, while preserving normal functionality. For low grade gliomas it has been shown that early radical resection with intraoperative 3D…

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Ask a Researcher: Computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics


Guest blogger: Professor Menno Witter       Question: What’s the core difference between “computational neuroscience” and “neuroinformatics” ? Are they used interchangeably ? Answer: Neuroinformatics stands for the meeting between neuroscience and informationscience and it includes a number of different approaches to understanding the brain including to a large…

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