Tuberculosis – a complex enigma

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Blogger: Jane Atesoh Awuh, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (SFF-CEMIR). Most often we become passionate and involved in issues in this life for very personal reasons. I am particularly drawn to infectious diseases because I hail from a society that is plagued…

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Mapping the antiviral innate immune defense system

Experimental set-up

Blogger: Richard Kumaran Kandasamy Associate Professor and Onsager Fellow at Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (SFF-CEMIR) Our innate immune system is the first and most important barrier of microbial threats such as viruses and bacteria.  It will sense, and in most cases, clear out these pathogens – but not always. A new…

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A different ballgame outside the cell


Blogger: Jimita Toraskar, Ph.D candidate at the Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and a participant in Researchers Grand Prix 2016 and Tonje Strømmen Steigedal, researcher at the Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine.     If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of hundred…

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Unveiling connections between preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease

Pregnant belly isolated against white background

Women with preeclampsia have up to eight times higher risk of later developing cardiovascular disease. CEMIR’s research group on Inflammation and Genetics in Pregnancy studies how the development of preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease are connected. The group has recently unveiled inflammatory mechanisms in the placenta and identified an important role…

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New anti-inflammatory effects of “the good cholesterol”


Authors: Nathalie Niyonzima and  Eivind Samstad Researchers at the Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research Cholesterol crystals (CC) induce inflammation that is critical in the initiation and progression of atherosclerosis. Researchers at the Center of Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR) recently published new data on how high density lipoprotein attenuates inflammatory responses…

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Harald Stenmark receives Møbius award

Harald Stenmark.

Professor Harald Stenmark,  has received this year’s “Møbius award”, the Research Council of Norway’s annual prize for excellent research. Stenmark is director of the Centre for Cancer Biomedicine at UIO and Professor II at the  Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research, CEMIR. The award is granted on the basis of documented…

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Uncovering the secrets of immune system invaders

CEMIR researcher Marie Hjelmseth Aune looks at macrophages ( blue ). The screen image shows a macrophage engulfing a bacterium (red). Photo: Geir Mogen, NTNU

    Some bacteria and viruses take advantage of the way our immune system works to infect us.  Researchers at Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR) are uncovering the mechanisms by which this trickery takes place. Read more on Uncovering the secrets of immune system invaders, written by Nancy Bazilchuk.  

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– Beutler has been a great inspiration

Professor Bruce Beutler (in the middle) at the honorary Doctorate ceremony March 20th with Professors Magne Børset, Anders Waage, Terje Espevik, rector Gunnar Bovim and Dean at Faculty of Medicine Stig Slørdahl.

– Bruce Beutler’s work has greatly inspired scientists at NTNU, in particular researchers at Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR). We are very pleased that he has been awarded an honorary doctorate. These were CEMIR director Terje Espevik’s words when Professor Bruce Beutler was awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris…

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I am the herd

green card for vaccination

Blogger: Signe Åsberg, PhD student at CEMIR   In December last year an outbreak of measles started when a family that was not vaccinated visited Disneyland California. I’m currently a visiting graduate student here in Los Angeles and I’d planned to go to Disneyland to get some of that Christmas…

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