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A different ballgame outside the cell

Blogger: Jimita Toraskar, Ph.D candidate at the Department of Cancer Research and
Molecular Medicine
 and a participant in Researchers Grand Prix 2016 and Tonje Strømmen Steigedal, researcher at the Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine.TonjeSSJimita Toraskar1



If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of hundred battles.
Sun Tzu

Breast cancer is that enemy, and we still don’t know everything about it. Every type of cancer is different and each breast cancer patient is unique. We all are haunted by one big question, ‘Have we solved the cancer problem’? But first, shall we take a moment to know our enemy better? Continue reading

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Speedy GP referrals but low direct access to investigations in primary care system

Yulan LinBlogger:Yulan Lin
post doc at PRC

A regular GP in Norway is responsible for examining, diagnosing and treating the patients on his/her list. The regular GP is also responsible for referring patients to hospitals, other medical specialists and physiotherapists. The role GPs in primary care system was vital in ensuring early cancer diagnosis and access to treatment.

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