How water motion can tell us about cancer treatment effectiveness

Diffusion MRI illustration. Image: Jana Cebulla

Blogger: Jana Cebulla, PostDoc MR Cancer Group, Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging       Just as every human being is a unique individual, every cancer has its own characteristics, and this is increasingly being recognised in cancer treatment. Targeted therapies are being developed that attack cancers on the molecular…

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Feeding problems, growth and bone health in cerebral palsy


Blogger: Torstein Vik Professor in the CEBRA Group at the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children’s and Women’s Health (LBK)     Many children with cerebral palsy have feeding difficulties and a significant proportion is malnourished. This may lead to impaired growth, but also to overweight and obesity, since many of…

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Furry and fit: get moving this Movember!

MR Cancer-gruppen i treningstøy og barter.

Bloggers: Researcher Debbie Hill og PhD Candidate Leslie Euceda Wood MR Cancer group, Department for ciruclation and medical imaging       It’s that time of year again! And this year, the Movember Foundation is challenging YOU to move every day this month to tackle physical inactivity. In keeping with the Movember spirit,…

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Examining a lump in the breast with MRI

Figure: Left: Benign tumor exhibiting clearly higher values of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), a measure of the extent of water diffusion within tissue, compared to much lower values found for cancer on the right panel.

Blogger: Jose Teruel PhD candidate at MR Cancer group In a previous post in this blog I described how a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique called ‘Diffusion weighted MRI” can be applied for the detection of breast cancer due to the random movement of water molecules, or diffusion, which…

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Unveiling connections between preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease

Pregnant belly isolated against white background

Women with preeclampsia have up to eight times higher risk of later developing cardiovascular disease. CEMIR’s research group on Inflammation and Genetics in Pregnancy studies how the development of preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease are connected. The group has recently unveiled inflammatory mechanisms in the placenta and identified an important role…

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