Interpreting ultrasound images with neural networks

The femoral nerve (yellow) and femoral artery (red).

Blogger: Erik Smistad, PostDoc at Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS)       Neural networks have recently achieved incredible results for recognising objects such as cats, coffee cups, cars and plants in photographs. These methods are already used by companies like Facebook and Google to identify faces, recognize voice…

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Kavli Neuroscience Prize 2016


  The Kavli Prize in Neuroscience is shared between Eve Marder, Brandeis University, USA, Michael Merzenich, University of California San Francisco, USA, and Carla Shatz, Stanford University, USA. They receive the prize “for the discovery of mechanisms that allow experience and neural activity to remodel brain function”.   From left:…

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Ask a researcher: Spatial memory


This time Debora Ledergerber, Researcher at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience/Centre for Neural Computation/Egil and Pauline and Fred Kavli Centre for Cortical Microcircuits, will answer questions from one of our readers. Q: My husband has close to no spatial memory (hand-eye coordination is far above average and making maps is…

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Richard Kandasamy receives Onsager Fellowship

The 12 Onsager Fellowship holders with Rector Gunnar Bovim. Photo: Morten Thoresen / NTNU

Associate Professor Richard Kumaran Kandasamy at the Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research has received an Onsager Fellowship at NTNU. The Onsager Fellowship Programme is designed to recruit young, internationally recognized researchers to strengthen the university’s academic community.

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CEMIR Annual Report 2015


CEMIR has released its 2015 Annual Report. The scientific activities at CEMIR have proceeded with very good progress. In 2015, 77 papers have been published. CEMIR researchers have published a total of 144 articles since 2013, several in high quality journals like Journal of Immunology, Nature, Nature Immunology, Autophagy and…

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