NOK 14 million for more personalised prostate cancer treatment


Blogger: Tone Frost Bathen       The MR Cancer Group has a close collaboration with the clinical environments at the Department of Urology and Clinic for Medical Imaging at St. Olavs Hospital. The long-term goals of the projects are to optimise and personalise the diagnostics and treatment of prostate…

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The first meeting – pregnancy ultrasound


Blogger: Kari Williamson         You lie there with gel on your stomach and glance towards the ultrasound screen. There he is, the little one, who will arrive in four-five months’ time. The emotions, questions, the joy, the worry, they all crowd in – and the midwife gives and…

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Why study chronic intestinal inflammation?


Bloggers: Arne Kristian Sandvik og Jan Kristian Damås For patients with these diseases, and for the health professionals who are involved in their treatment, this question seems misplaced. However, many others perceive these to be rare conditions, and a marginal medical problem. Chronic intestinal inflammation consists of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s…

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Sugar + inflammation = true?


Blogger: Eivind Samstad       The immune system has sensors that recognize invaders such as bacteria and viruses, but also damage to the cells in the body. When the immune system is activated, the result is inflammation, which is designed to remove invaders and repair cell damage. Inflammation is…

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What does inflammation have to do with global health?


Blogger: Trude Helen Flo, co-director CEMIR       In CEMIR we will work with infection, or inflammation. Why? Because inflammation is important for health, including global health, and we believe that a better understanding of how inflammatory processes are initiated and regulated will contribute to the development of new…

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Ultrasound – much more than cute baby photos

Fosterbilder via ultralyd i 1960, 1970, 1990 og 2000.

Blogger: Kari Williamson          Ultrasound is something most people know about, but did you know that some of the greatest achievements in the history of ultrasound happened in Trondheim? In May former and current ultrasound researchers gathered to celebrate milestones, birthdays – and to look into the…

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HUNT i hundre! Eller?

Jostein Holmen, førstefatter på publikasjonen og en av grunnleggerne for Helseundersøkelsen i Nord-Trøndelag og blodtrykksforskning i den, her med to av de første avhandlingene basert på HUNT-materiale

Blogger: Maria Stuifbergen         ”Klekkeriet” står det på den røde brakka som er satt opp ved siden av åkeren i Levanger. Man skulle tro det lille røde bygget er en utvidelse av bondegården like ved. Men når du går inn på de provisoriske lokalene er det langt…

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CEMIR’s research topic is inflammation


Blogger: Terje Espevik, Director of CEMIR       The official opening of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s four new centres of excellence (CoE) will take place on Monday 10 June. CEMIR, the Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research, is one of these new centres. CEMIR researchers will study…

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Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research opens 10.June


The official opening of NTNU’s four new Norwegian Centres of Excellence (SFFs) takes place on Monday 10. June. CEMIR is one of these centres, and to celebrate, the theme of the month here at #NTNUMedicine is inflammation. At CEMIR, we will study new mechanisms which activate inflammation responses. We hope…

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